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I like the way Place incorporates the elements into this deck. I especially like the way he views the High Priestess, Empress, Emperor and Hierophant as representing the four elements as so...

The High Priestess begins the alchemical process called dissolution, in which the prima materia, symbolized by the Magician, is dissolved and separated into its four elements, water (the High Priestess, feminine/soul), earth (the Empress, body), air (the Emperor, spirit/mind), and fire (the Hierophant, masculine soul).
It's easy to see correspondences between these cards and cards in the four suits.. eg. The Eagle on the Emperors shoulder is the King of Swords, the Empress is very similar to the Queen of Coins, the Queen of Vessels is like a personification of the High Priestess energy, not sure about the Hierophant though.

Sorry, this may not even be relevant in this thread, but I guess my point is that I love the way he uses the elements and includes subtle links between the cards.
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