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21 ways to read a tarot card - Step 7

Step 7.1a ~ Synthesize keywords into a integrative statement for each of these cards Ė

a) Page of Pentacles (Princess of Disks)
Rank ~ Page ~ newness, immature, curious, receptive
Suit ~ Pentacles/Coins (Disks) ~ security of position, fruits of labour, rewards for work done
Element ~ Earth ~ results, skills, craftsmanship
Mode ~ Court Card ~ a who card, a person or situation.

Synthesis for Page of Pentacles

∑ Immaturity with money
∑ A person secure in their position
∑ Reaping the rewards for hardwork
∑ Good news about money

b) VIII of Swords (Interference)
Rank ~ Eightís ~ adjustment, acknowledgment, redirection, control
Suit ~ Swords ~ battle, struggle, logic
Element ~ Air ~ ideas and projects, knowledge, communication
Mode ~ Minor Arcana ~ a what card, events or situation.

Synthesis for VIII of Swords

∑ Having to re-evaluate attitudes through a given situation
∑ Struggling to solve a problem
∑ Looking at the situation logically to achieve a result

c) X Wheel of Fortune (Fortune)

Rank ~ Tenís ~ fulfilment, completion, renewal
Suit ~ Major ~ courageous, enthusiastic, optimistic
Element ~ Fire ~ wilful, desiring, passionate
Mode ~ Major Arcana ~ a why card, lessons to be learned.

Synthesis for Wheel of Fortune

∑ Be optimistic, if things are going wrong now, know that things will change for the better
∑ Feeling good that you have achieved what you wanted to
∑ Meet the challenge head on

d) Ace of Cups

Rank ~ Aces ~ beginning, creation, opportunity
Suit ~ Cups ~ inner feelings, relationships, amiable
Element ~ Water ~ nuturing, merging, flowing
Mode ~ Aces ~ a where card,

Synthesis for Ace of Cups

∑ Give and take
∑ Nurturing of a new relationship
∑ Beginning of new and exciting opportunities

I will post the rest of step 7 later, I must admit I have found this to be quite a difficult step! I've got to rest my poor overworked brain.

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