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Originally Posted by Mallah View Post
Bj I love your card, and i love the text and images you've given us about the steps you take. As a learning artist this helps me immeasurably.

I have a question; I've not gotten into doing any shading, crosshatching, stippling at the line art stage because I find my color covering all that up too I tend to do my shading with the color it'self (which I notice you do as well as the ink shading stuff). Is this a difference in our two media? Is the india ink you are using just more transparent and so it doesn't obscure your ink as much? Maybe that's why you're using that particular media?

I love the look of the crosshatch/etc but haven't gotten into it myself...nor do I expect to on my current project cause it'd make my later pieces look out of synch with the earlier ones, and i'd have to go back and start over, and I'm a little too far in for that. Maybe next go 'round I'll be working different.

What's your experience in colorizing over ink?
Hi Mallah,

In addition to what I said above about some of the inks being transparent, and some not resulting in sometimes having to do over the black again when and where needed, I realized that I also should have mentioned that I think the surface I am working on has some effect too. Since it is more plastic like than paper like, the ink does not absorb at all, but sits on top. Thus you can push it around to be thinner in areas you want the cross hatching to show, or puddled up really thick where you want rich pure color. Then if needed it can be inked over again with another darker transparent color for more depth, shading or enhancing of color, etc. Like a glaze.
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