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Going back to what Aoife said who is who? To me the proportions of the figures suggest that the figure on the left with the red hood holding the cup and smelling the flower is the child. The figure to the right looks like a small woman. Who is giving whom the cup with flowers?
I don't see anything sinister in this card. It almost appears as a card of, not only nostalgia, but of passing on inheritance(either material or of wisdom), of moving from one generation to the next. The old generation shrinking into the past and the next generation growing large in proportion as their influence increases.
I see the guard as walking back and forth across a set path ticking off passing time like the pendulum of a grandfather clock. I also read nurturing in this card although that may be my stretch and not clearly visible in the images. Perhaps I get the feel of a protected courtyard, carefully tended flowers with a guard watching over, (the tower to the left accentuates this watched over/protected feel).
Reversed, a negative implication in this card would be nurturing turning to smothering. The carefully tended courtyard turning into a prison of sorts.
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