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It's really interesting that a "sinister nature" is being examined in regards to this card.

I was always one to think of this card as happy and nostalgic, with that idea of "Selective Amnesia" where a person will choose to only remember the good and happy times of the past and not, perhaps, the reality, which is more of a balance between joyous and sad events.

Recently, I lost the deck I have used for the last decade, and had to go back to my RWS, and in the process of rediscovering the symbolism...I too began to see "something not quite right"...

However, the symbol that disturbs me the most in this card is actually the figure in the backround that is turned away, and leaving.
It seems to me to be the idea of a parent...or at least an adult who is not being very responsible for watching a child, or perhaps that they see something might be strange about the situation but they have chosen to ignore it..."turn thier back" on thier responsibilities, so to speak.

I am finding this thread to be very fascinating, and thought provoking as well.
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