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Marseille Tarot - Grimaud vs. Universal?


I wonder if I could ask for some help in making a decision......

Having recently decided to double my tarot collection by getting a Marseille deck, it's come down to a choice between Grimaud and Universal.

Cost and availability wise, whittling it down to these two was pretty easy.... but now I'm really battling to take it the next step and decide which one.

Getting both is, unfortunately, not an option at the moment.

The fact that Grimaud seems to have been the standard in the 20th century gives it gravitas in my book. But the bold figures and colours of the Universal version are really appealing. I probably also slightly prefer the Conver style artwork, but the Burdel Aces are wonderful. Could the Grimaud's colouring be too sparse, or would the richness of the Universal's colours serve as a distraction?

It's a stalemate...... Aaaaarrgghhh!

Any thoughts?
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