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Ambrusca - Ambrosius?

Wow, I've been away for a day and missed this whole conversation! Incredible.

I'm wondering if St. Ambrews/Ambrusca is another name for Ambrosius. Was this a name of an old god? I know there was an Ambrosius who was king before Uther. But so often the old gods were renamed and reframed as saints. Does he have something to do with light? With Lleu? A Roman name for Lleu? Is the head on the well gate the Hermit's lantern? Leading of course to the deep well of consciousness? This is all just coming to me as I write, from some almost forgotten memories of the stories.

In the old way, if Lancelot was Guinevere's choice, he would've become King. But at this cusp, when Christianity entered Britain, suddenly women were chattel, and the patriarchal Kingdom prevailed. So Guinevere and Lancelot become adulterers, tragic figures who end up in celibate communities of monks and nuns. Hermits, indeed. Instead of lovers.

For me they are such images of confusion, both personal and the confusion of most of western society for the past 1500 years or so.

As for Elaine, I believe she resembles Guinevere. That never works. They both should have known better.
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