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Seems like "woman of science" is another interpretation for Morgause, or Queen of Swords, so I guess fire would be the alchemey rather than the intelligence/air thing I "used" to associate with Queen of Swords. LOL, still making my mental adjustments. But this to me is reflected in her stack of books and the map, her desire to learn everything and anything she puts her mind to.

That alchemey, the chemistry of her sexulality is also very evident...I'm not so sure that her sons slayed her for having a lover, or the fact that, if I remember correctly, her lover slew their father and she was instrumental in a lot of betrayal and dirty dealings...she was not a nice woman. Very calculating and power mongering in some accounts and working at purposes counter productive to Arthur. She used her body to get where she wanted, get what she wanted, basically using a man's desire for her beauty against him, for her own purposes.

Wasn't she the sister of Igraine? Morgan le Fay's auntie? Or is that just something from the Mist's of Avalon? So in my imagination the Red Dragon on the map is her intent to defeat the Pendragon, gain the kingdom and claim it as her own. She may look suspicious, but I think it's one of those things that seem to be "projecting", she has suspicious motives so views everything else from that part of herself.

Well one good thing, she isn't a waffler, she knows what she wants, has clear intent (even if it's only to herself) and has the "steel" within to do it. Just don't get in her way...seems like her enemies had accidents as well.
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