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Originally Posted by Padma View Post
If you can get your hands on some zircon crystals (NOT cubic zirconia, which is not really a crystal, just a man-made diamond-like stone) use those with smoky topaz for a great "wall" and cloak of invisibility. When wearing real zircons, one becomes virtually invisible to the narcissist or the bully or thief. It has a nice way of protecting your force field they will chose others in your vicinity, perhaps, and not you!

The other crystal I would recommend for this is moldavite combined with black tourmaline. Prehnite is also very soothing and yet super protective - and is a lovely spring shade of lemon-lime. Good for the heart chakra, as well.

ETA I bought a multi colour zircon bead necklace on Etsy. Just make sure the listing describes the stones as real zircon and not cubic zirconia. It is the best, bar none, grounding and negativity erasing crystal I have ever used! I use also my smoky topaz pendant on that string of beads. Garnet works well with it, too
ah! good idea. Except that I do wear my moldavite pretty much everyday-(though recently, in the last 2 wks, I haven't worn it very much tbh)-and my narcissistic family members were STILL on attack mode. Whenever I go to visit my side of the family, I am weighed down in crystals. My pockets are laden with black crystals - and I also carry the rose quartz, to help me find some peace when I am finally back in the hotel room. I'm not very familiar withprehnite, however. I need to look into that one! I love garnet and have a beautiful set of garnet earrings and a ring too--but I again, rarely wear them anymore. I'll look into real zircon as well. I think I do have one, but I am not 100% sure. I do have the smoky topaz though! Its a very pretty crystal.

thanks for the recommendations!
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