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Shock! The Aftermath of an Unwelcome Surprise (6)

You've had a rude shock. Not necessarily the proverbial "rude awakening" (which implies some sort of self-deception that's been toppled), although it could be that.

The moment of unwelcome surprise has passed and you have to gather your wits again, maybe face some unpleasant thoughts and emotions.

----------------- Shock! (the Aftermath of an Unwelcome Surprise) -------------------

As a philosophical choice in light of the fact that shocks are built-in to human existence, I have refrained from making a position for how to be "prepared" or guard against future shocks.

*Note how this spread begins in an unexpected place for those of us reading in English/a European language i.e. on the far right. This reflects the "bolt from the blue" nature of the event or situation.

Card #2 is close in time to the shock.

The middle cards begin on the "correct" side to reflect our attempts to put our mind back in order.

The last card extends further to the right than even the shock, to demonstrate our conscious control over our own life, our power to not let the shock write the script for ourselves.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Shock!) 1 <-----
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 <-----

---------------------------> 3

----------------------------------> 4

--------------------------------------------> 5

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 6

1) Shock!

-- what unsettles or hurts you the most at the moment of impact. This is why this shock jolted you so much, rocked your world.

2) Free License to Feel

--- in the immediate aftermath, you have a free license to feel this emotion or respond in the "less-than-evolved" way this court character would... WITHOUT worrying that you're not resilient, telling yourself other people have worse problems to worry about, wondering how you should address this in therapy, etc, etc.

(** Note: you can define "immediate" in whatever span of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months, that you need)

3) How to Feel Now

-- now that the shock and its aftermath have faded, what emotion, outlook or court card personality should you work on cultivating in yourself to help you move towards recovering?

4) Freedom from Thoughts

-- there's something that you keep ruminating on, some aspect of the situation you despise or wish you could change. ("All that time she said she loved me, it was a lie!" "I could have prevented the robbery if I'd held the camera bag close to me as I was supposed to.").

You should free yourself from thinking these thoughts because ________________.

[ insert information about the situation to which you aren't privy but which Tarot will helpfully provide]

5) Counter-Act

Do this to actively counteract the negative effects of the shocking situation. Maybe this means confronting someone; maybe it means holding your tongue. Maybe it is practical advice to mitigate the financial or other fallout from the shocking situation.

6) Opportunity

This card identifies the golden opportunity that has come about only because the shock knocked you free of the course you'd been on up until that point. This card says: "This shocking situation is a blessing in disguise because ________________."

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