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Originally Posted by DesertDream View Post
This is excellent ty
Originally Posted by Michellehihi View Post
Very interesting, thank you for sharing!
I feel I had so many "tower" events lately in my life that I could use this spread over and over again!!!!

Originally Posted by danieljuk View Post
nice to see you around AT Chiriku!

definitely going to save this spread to try the next time I have a shock and I like that one of the positions is about the free licence to feel what you feel from it
Hi, friends , thank you very much for your feedback.

Michellehihi, you're quite right, I had a Tower experience that prompted me to create this. I haven't used this spread yet because I first had to get through the immediate aftermath (I used a spread that asked specific questions about my situation for that part). I think I might be ready for this one now...

danieljuk, my dear friend, it's always a pleasure to see you around these parts. Thumbs up indeed! I hope your shock comes later rather than sooner. ALthough...I have often wondered if it would have benefited me to have more shocks earlier on to prepare me to deal with later ones.

I don't know. Who knows if we can ever be prepared to grapple with each individual Tower moment? The whole reason it's the Tower is because it comes completely unexpectedly.
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