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21 Ways. Step 1

Step One: DruidCraft: 10 of wands

A man walks alone, his back bent slightly forward as he is burdened by the weight of the wands he's carrying. The wands are tied in a bundle strewn across his back. His right hand reaching behind him to steady the wands as his left hand grasps the cord which binds them together.

He's wearing a brown, sleeveless, knee length "Tunic" which appears to be split along his right side up to his thigh. The collar of the tunic forms a "V" shape just in front. The tunic is belted with a green piece of material. He's not wearing any pants. His boots are a greyish, green color and they are almost as high as his knees. They are tied with brown laces.

His hair is just a bit long around his ears and has turned grey, as well as his mustache, beard, and eyebrows. His eyes are closed and his face seems to be firmly set.

He's traveled along a path through a grassy plain with lush greenery atop the hill on his left. He's reached the beginning of a rocky incline. Scattered among the rocks are whisps of greenery. To his right are a pink flower, 2 yellow flowers, and a few red "buds" Just a few other bits of greenery and flowers appear within the rocky path ahead of him.

Behind him the sky is illuminated with pink and white and yellow horizontal stripes. Grey clouds are mixed in with a bit of a blue sky.

This is the DruidCraft 10 of wands.
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