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Thank you for your comments Dave, they are supportive and encouraging. This has been quite a learning experience. Iím so glad that I made this workshop a priority and it still is.

Reading the groupsí posts help tremendously it was like listening in on a group discussion.

I canít wait to begin the Adept level although I know it will be harder. I am up for the challenge!!

I did learn a lot about myself; most importantly, I learned how I interact with others. One thing that was driven home to me was that a lack of confidence and fear of being who I am revealed my shadows, which was caused by repressed self-hatred that I subsequently projected on to others. (long loud sigh), what a download.

I'm putting the imaginary certificate in an imaginary frame and hanging it on my wall where I can pretend to see it everyday. Smiling lots, actually grinning

Thank you for your leadership, I know it's been said before but you deserve it.
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