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21 Ways: Step Ten

Step TEN: Radiant Rider-Waite, Six of Cups

10-1 (a) Look up meanings for your card in several books or other resources

I used Joan Bunning's “Learning the Tarot”, and the Radiant Rider-Waite LWB.

10-1 (b) A question that is paramount in your mind

Is my re-emergent childhood interest in creative writing worth persevering with?

10-1 (c) List all the meanings that jumped out at you. Summarise their message in one or two sentences

having a noble impulse
receiving a gift
feeling blessed
being well-intentioned
a feeling of contentment
feeling nostalgic
enjoying youthful activities
reflecting on childhood

The message here seems to be that if you feel you are blessed with a creative talent, and using and expressing that gift pleases you and makes others happy, then it is worth persevering with.

My earlier interpretations of the Six of Cups were quite different to the above. I saw it as a card of good will and sharing, and youthful innocence. Those qualities are still applicable, but now they have been expanded upon and interpreted in a broader sense.

In a previous exercise, I also identified with the qualities of support, affection and empathy in relation to this card. With those words alone, I would have found it a little more difficult to answer my question.

10-2 Using the book interpretations, turn each into a question and then answer them

~~ What was your last noble impulse?
Defending a friend who was being taken for granted by a rude third party.

~~ How best to use your “gift”?
Keep on writing, writing, writing.
Sometimes that's hard to do when the inspiration runs off and hides behind a lamp post.

~~ In what ways do you feel blessed?
I feel blessed in that I have the time in which to do all of the things I love: write, read, play, learn.

~~ Do you generally have good intentions?
Yes. I'm not the malicious sort. I'm not manipulative, I don't play mind games. I would never deliberately hurt anyone.

~~ Are you content?
Yes, on the whole.

~~ When did you last feel nostalgic?
I'm a gamer, and I feel nostalgic for the times – in fact, not even so long ago, maybe five years – when games were always available on disc, and there wasn't such an emphasis on DRM. These days, it's becoming rarer to find new adventure games on disc; they tend to be download-only, with strings attached. I'm a fogey and I like discs, dammit!

~~ What youthful activities do you enjoy?
See above! I'm a gamer. I'm also a big nerd who has a large collection of Tamagotchi and, yes, still plays with them.

~~ What emotions do you feel when you reflect upon your childhood?
Bittersweet feelings. Nothing wholly good, nothing wholly bad. Some anger, a little wistfulness. A bit of everything.
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