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I couldn't possibly write a question for every definition (there are tons!) so I wrote one for each of the 9 answers to my question in 10.1

**In what area of my life do I need to persevere?
I need to persevere in my efforts to change my bad habits. I often start to put changes in place, but have difficulty following through. I need to pick one and push myself to work on that habit until I've formed a better one.

**How can I best fight back against adversity?
I can be more confident and stand my ground when I believe I'm right. I know I'm capable of this as I've done it before, but I tend to back down and avoid conflicts (as this path is easier for me mentally and emotionally)

**When do I feel the need to defend myself?
I get defensive when others don't or won't see my point of view. If someone hears me out and then disagrees, that's fine. But I get very upset and defensive if someone won't even take the time to listen to my opinion.

**What have I learned from experience?
Experience has taught me that most of the obstacles in my way were built by me. There are very few situations I can't handle but I tend to convince myself they are more difficult than they really are.

**What is a recent obstacle I have overcome?
I recently overcame a creative roadblock I encountered. I used to have such a vibrant imagination but it had seemed dull and mostly inaccessible to me for the past while. These cards are a big part of what helped me overcome that and tune back in to my creativity.

**How can I better understand opposing points of view?
I can listen to others as deeply and carefully as I want them to listen to me. They deserve as much understanding as I expect for myself.

**When has a conflict made me stronger?
Fighting with, and ultimately leaving one ex in particular gave me the opportunity to become more independent. I had a very dependent relationship with him and it was holding me back. Once on my own I was able to prove to myself that I was capable of doing much more than either he or I thought possible.

**Am I engaged in any healthy competition?
I don't believe I am at the moment. I think I've been avoiding competition since I finished my last college program (in 2013). I may try to seek out something. I've been considering a sports program, maybe I'll look more into that.

**Who helps me find courage in difficult times?
Honestly, my cats. This feels ridiculous to write out but it's true! They depend on me to take care of them. When I'm in a bad state of mind I tend to neglect myself and others. I don't really notice or care if I'm not taking the best care of myself, but as soon as I realize I'm not caring for my cats I snap back to reality and deal with problems better. They keep me grounded.
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