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STEP 10 - Silicon Dawn

I'm starting over with a new card. I've got the Hermit from the Silicon Dawn, one of my favorite cards in the deck! image here -

I like this Hermit, because she's young and free. She seems like she's attained her own breakthroughs and insights in life that have allowed her to see things differently. The card also bring to mind the seeker aspect of the Hermit for me.

Hermit book meanings, my question being "what do i need to look at?" -

Tarot Plain and Simple
- searching within
- contemplation
- the need for psychological space
- withdrawing from society
- thoughtful planning
- seeking sensible advice
- pondering life's mysteries
- the search for mystical enlightenment
- bring attuned to the spiritual dimensions of the universe
- sanctuary
- contact with the Source
- people: monks, cloistered nuns, a wise person

Silicon Dawn Guidebook
- wandering into strange places
- carrying the light of knowledge, she searches for something honest
- time of contemplation away from the world
- she's a regular Diogenes tarted up in skin-tight latex

Power Tarot
- Diogenes searching for truth
- someone whose inner light illuminates the life of others
- he forces us to get serious about our lives
- Saturn return

What these meanings are suggesting is time alone to get serious and contemplate & connect to the spiritual side of life. It's a necessary withdrawal from society to attain wisdom & make thoughtful, sensible plans for the future. A search for truth.

Meaning that showed up from the book that I didn't think about were thoughtful planning & seeking sensible advice. Also, getting serious about life.

The overlapping as far as seeking knowledge, spiritual truth & being separate from society.

I put freedom & breakthrough down, which didn't quite line up to the book meanings.

1. In what ways am I getting serious about my life?
I have been thinking serious about starting a family. My young adulthood is ending and I need to mature. I can't hold on to the past forever, and I'm okay with that.

2.How have I been illuminating the life of others?
I've been on here doing readings and that actually helps! I like giving advice and I've learned a lot about life too through doing readings. But also, in general people seem to like my ideas and wisdom.

3.What spiritual truths have I discovered in times of contemplation?
Nothing lasts forever. One day, my parents won't be here anymore and I have learned to appreciate them more and cherish them. Also, the things I do now will have a lasting impact on my future, so I need to consider all of my choices carefully. In a lot of ways, life is about finding your own path and living without regrets. So many things people worry about and get hung up on are inconsequential in the long run.

4. How is withdrawal from society healing and healthy for me?
It helps me to think up with my own thoughts. And when I do interact with other people, I know what are my own ideas and what are the ideas of other people. I actually am able to be more receptive. And alone time helps me process what I'm going through on a deeper level. I've had so many insights these past couple months just through take time out to contemplate, do readings, etc. I feel more prepared for my future and like I actually have a plan and a way forward.
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