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Originally Posted by Chronata View Post
Ok...based on this post, I had to look those up (I am a sucker for playing card decks)

and WOW! Those are incredible!

It's funny that things I barely tolerate in tarot (dark angels/gothic skulls) are perfect in a playing card deck! Don't know why...

but I am ordering these right now! (the price is way too good!)

Thanks for the heads-up La Force!
These are so freaking amazing, I love them, not only that, there are so close that you can even use this deck as a Lenormand. There's even a Key card. which blew me away, however it's on a different card then the Lenormand. Most of the cards will work for the Lenormand way of reading, as well as a perfect match for playing card cartomancy. which is so perfect. a actual 52 playing card deck fully illustrated, with correlating to the meanings for each card. Dream come true, for me. This is like the RWS deck for Cartomancers. Thanks Anna Stokes.

check this out. I am going to post up 5 cards and meanings. you also notice how these card are very close to to being a Lenormand. I've got all meanings done for every card, If anyone is interested I'll post them up for you. I used many reference to gather the right meanings to go with each card.I also added some of my own. This saves you time, cause I've already done it. You may of course use your own.

I have attached pictures.

This is from the Clubs Suit
These card are also represented in the lenormand as
25. Ring (Ace of Clubs)
6. Clouds (King of Clubs)
7 Snake (Queen of Clubs)
11. Whip / Birch rod (Jack of Clubs)
15. Bear (10 of Clubs)

As we know in the Lenormand these are the nasty court people that are pretty harsh.

Below the Court cards are all, warnings, dangerous, nasty, deceitful, harsh, you don't want to meet them down a dark alley. Fatal attraction

Clubs: Hardships, Obstacles

Power of the mind, Premonition, Prophecy, Dreams
Power of believing, Wishes
Potential for communication (Speaking, writing, internet, phone call, text message, etc.)
Good luck, peaceful home, prosperity
Letter, paper, tidiness

King: MEDUSA - (Guardian, Protector)
Charming, affectionate,
Rivals, Stalkers
Rape, abuse, abusive
Rage, Wrath
Looks could Kill, One look turns you to stone
False People
Knowledgeable, logical, linear thinker, analytical
Split personality
Mental instability
Causes confusion, trouble, problems

Queen: Black Widow (Deadly)
Unfaithful, seduction, passionate
Bossy, Manipulative
Deadly attraction
Dangerous woman
Webs we weave
Deception, Deceptive, Deceive
One night Stand

Lenormand the Queen is the Snake, which bites and is poisonous, same for the black widow, the both have a nasty bit and can kill.

Jack: Siren (Enchantress)
A wander, A searcher
Rational and Intuitive
Sociable, chatty
Lying, Coercion
Varied abilities, Music, singing
Charming, Irresistible, seductive, entrance, sexual allure, falling in love
Floods, Storms, Shipwrecks, Drownings

Ten: (Grim Reaper)
Time, death, responsibilities, official, ending, false love, disease, inheritance, Legacy
Riches suddenly acquired through death of a relation or friend

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