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Originally Posted by Lotus Padma View Post
I always thought Clubs were money, and Spades were opposition... Not that I know much, I am just beginning to learn cartomancy...those cards of Stokes are beautifully drawn, btw! I am dithering, as I don't love dark decks...but it is kinda tempting at that price. I just bought Tony Meeuwissen's Keys to the Kingdom and hoped that would help me learn cartomancy a little better, as regular playing card decks just don't speak to me. I need pictures...

Hmmmm off to dither some more!

ETA I stopped dithering. Found them on Amazon for $3.95, so i got them....hard to argue with that price!
Glad you stopped dithering

As far as what suit is what. It's just like tarot. some will see swords fire, and wand air, which changes the meaning of the suit. My advice is when the deck arrives, sit with the deck and decide for your self, what suit is what.

the Black suits are Negative/bad
the Red suits are Positive/Good

Spades is just like the Swords suit in tarot, it's easy

Clubs is about hardships, struggles in social inactions, similar to wands, but not. more on the negative side. social inaction are like, how you get on with work, school, society, community, events. spiritually. there is oppression with this, as well as responsibilities, obligations, burdens, etc.

These suit are the positive/Good

Diamonds is your MONEY suit, just like the suit of Pentacles

Hearts is just like your suit of cups in Tarot.

Hope this helps you

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