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Originally Posted by Tanga View Post
I'm too dumb to read with the Thoth - but it is so beautiful - I have several copies and was eyeing the newest one with a green border. :-
From what I know of you, you're exactly the opposite of dumb. (:

But the Thoth can be used in any way, at any level. I myself owned it for years and years and used it only by the short explanations given by Harris in the LWB and the titles. In fact, as passionate as I am now about using it "by the book," I used to be just as passionate about using it the exactly opposite way, and I did that for a much longer time.

I know the Thoth forum can be a bit "highbrow" at times, giving the impression that the deck is solely in the realm of the elitists. Heaven knows I myself am guilty of not a little pretentiousness. But beyond all such triviality lies the deck itself which is quite above such concerns. It laughs at the petty attempts of armchair occultists such as myself that claim to use it "right," I can assure you. Even if you do everything I myself would be scandalized at, it is still several cuts above any other deck. Please, use it, have fun with it, abuse it to death. It will always surprise and challenge you.

Originally Posted by Aleister Crowley
"the Tarot will lose all its vitality for one who allows himself to be side-tracked by its pedantry."
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