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Ara, a really great source to begin with is the Hedgewytchery stuff.
There you'll find 3 basic rules: the colour, the meaning of the suits, and interpreting the card. She explains everything just perfectly.

The Witch with a middling memory section says: keep the Tarot suits out of your mind. When I first discovered this site, I was confused with the assignment: Diamond = Fire?! Spade = Earth?! Clubs = Air?
But now that I am older, I am happy to ignore this by returning to the usual assignment.

I have trouble reading the pips in TdM, so I thought studying the playing cards would help me, but so far I haven't noticed a change. Maybe because I read the image, I cannot move over.
RWS, Thoth, TdM are 3 different stories for me. Each 8 of Wands comes with a unique meaning.
Though I noticed that now I am studying the playing cards I have trouble reading my Lenormand cards that come with playing card inserts: the Child comes with the J which is disturbing, and the Mountain's 8 gives shop talk a new meaning.

And there I go again: 8 = 8 of Wands. I hope that studying the playing cards will give me a solid foundation, enabling me to read all Tarot cards. Not just their images.
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