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Originally Posted by zhadee;4Bernd A. Mertz has published a book [URL=""
Wahrsagen mit Karten[/URL] on the Lenormand in which he explains the playing inserts. In this book, Mertz gives different elements Spade = Water, and it refers to the soul. So there is nothing bad to mention from this point of view. 768756]
But in the playing cards, the J is the culprit!

Same goes for the A , he says it's an image of the soul. I thought, do all women have little dark hearts?
Exactly! I guess this enlightenment will come eventually. All mysteries cannot be revealed at once, lol. But the mind does boggle.... and if I am to go by logic, this doesn't make sense. But are we suppose to use logic or intuition here?

I also have a Sibilla with playing card inserts - now that I study the playing cards, I cannot use it anymore! Because the images differ a lot from the inserts, and I get really confused. It's like I have to read two decks at once, like I deal with an estranged couple.
Hmm, am with you gorgeous! Don't think I'll handle these two well together either... but we'll try. See where we're at. Am waiting for my Daveluy with French inscriptions and am just going to heavily rely on that for Lenny, and treat the playing cards entirely separately. But we know what happens to the best laid schemes... hehe
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