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8 of cups and 5 of cups scream loneliness to me, 5 of cups gives me a feeling of mental illness too though. Then I think of the guy in the 8 of cups as someone who got too full of himself, cheated on his wife with hookers and spent all their money on drugs. Now he's divorced and his kids refuse to see him, he's poor, and now there's a huge sense of regret. Neither of those feeling are really what I'm trying to find, I may be over thinking the cards but I'm justy looking for a card that represents not having a close friendship. Iv recently moved and I'm finding it difficult to create any friendships. Iv decided to do a law of attraction spread, where you choose a card that represents the current situation and another to represent what you want the outcome to be. Then the rest of the spread gives you the steps to get from point a to point b. I just can't find the right card though
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