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Originally Posted by electrocutions View Post
EmpyreanKnight! Hello hello! A friend of mine absolutely loves selenite. I've heard that it's a delicate crystal that breaks easily, but according to some sources, its energy is supposed to be purer and stronger than other crystals due to its association with the heavens. I'm hoping to save up to buy a wand or cluster some time soon.

As for incense, what type of incense do you use and what is your favorite? Sage seems like the go-to, and I love its scent, but I've been looking into alternative smudges or ways to purify a space without lighting something (the dorms I'd lived in had pretty sensitive smoke detectors and I was terrified about setting them off--not the best mentality to be in when smudging a space). A friend of mine uses Palo Santo, and I've read about sage sprays, but I'm not sure if getting certain crystals wet will be good for them.
Hi electrocutions! Yup selenite is very useful, but with a Mohs hardness of 2 (with 1 being soft as talc and 10 being diamond-hard), it can be quite fragile so handle it with care. I'm sure you have heard of various crystal cleansing techniques, but selenite is one of those crystals that you are not allowed to submerge in water. Do that and it would get dull - it may even dissolve. Some even recommend against exposing it to water in any way.

Incense smoke is often thin, so if someone smoking a cigarette won't trip off your fire alarm you'd be safe. Some people heavily dislike the smell of incense tho, so if you have roommates you may want to ask for permission first. Palo santo is great, altho I prefer lavender, sandalwood, and nag champa. Like with perfumes - it's a personal thing really. What I love you might find atrocious so have fun exploring.

If you truly do not wish to light anything up in order to cleanse your space, I've heard people swear that aural cleansing (through singing bowls, Tibetan bells, tuning forks, etc) can be just as effective. Some even posit that it's much more effective in cleansing crystals because it realigns their molecules. One of these days I'm going to buy myself a singing bowl, but it's been suggested that you physically handle any piece you wish to buy before you purchase it so that its quality, sound, etc would be to your liking. You may also be able to get a free tutorial from that too.

Hope that helped.
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