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Hi Oliver,

I'm glad you found your way to the Gay Tarot and I'm glad you're enjoying using it!

This sub-forum was busy for several months after the deck first came out, but since then has slowed down, as you can see from looking at the dates of the most recent posts in other threads.

Of course you can post whatever you like about your work with the deck. In terms of getting responses, you'll just have to see how it goes. For my part, usually I only post here if someone has a question about details of the deck's design or about what was in my mind when I designed it. Otherwise I prefer to stay in the background and not dominate the discussion.

In terms of likelihood of getting responses, my advice would be the following: if the question or issue has more to do with non-Gay-Tarot-specific questions or issues, then you might be more likely to get responses if you post in other forums. For example, what-could-this-combination-of-cards-mean type of questions, or would-this-be-a-good-reading-exercise type of questions, might be more likely to get responses in the Using Tarot forum.

Questions more focused on the Gay Tarot itself, such as discussions of specific details of the deck and how you or others interpret those details, would be more appropriate for this forum.

You might also want to read some of the earlier threads in this forum to get an idea of the kinds of things that have been discussed, and maybe pick up some new insights. There have been many great insights posted by folks here. And of course feel free to post in those threads too if you like.

Best of luck with your tarot journey!
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