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The man is standing with his shoulders hunched over as if a heavy weight were on them. It looks like he has worked hard to plant his pentacles and nothing is growing or thriving. It seems so unfair! So awful. As in the Five of Cups I get a sense of thwarted expectation, things not working out as he had hoped, that seems heavy and sorrowful. This time, being Pentacles, it relates more to work and livelihood than relationships.

The title of the card is Failure. The astrological attribution is Saturn in Taurus. Saturn is the heavy, slow-moving planet that indicates restriction, obstacles, difficulties. Taurus is the fixed earth sign, so there is a lot of earthiness and slowness there as well. With this being the Pentacles (earth) suit, it adds up to too much earth, too much heaviness and inertia.

Like all the Sevens, the Seven of Pentacles is kabbalistically in Netzach. This sphere indicates vacilation and weakness so it adds to the already negative influences depicted in the card.

The most awful part of it is that it really does look like he did his best and worked hard with the pentacles (his muscular body and the way he is standing suggest this to me) and it hasn't come to anything. So it is a very difficult card and indicates that things will not go well. There may be early signs of success but they will not come to fruition. Working long hours for low pay; hopes that let you down; disappointment. From the astrological and kabbalistic influences it could indicate that things aren't going well because of laziness or lack of effort.

If you look closely, the pentacle in the man's left hand is not like the others: it is a six pointed star and not a five pointed star. One meaning of a six pointed star is connection with God (shown by the two interlocking triangles a six pointed star makes). I like to think that the man hasn't planted those last two pentacles yet and when he connects with his divinity (plants that pentacle), things will change for him. Alternatively, it could be saying that in spite of the dashed hopes and the failure of his endeavor he still has a connection with his divinity and he has to just be patient and hang onto that.
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