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Hi Sulis!

Of course you're welcome!

So I've probably seen the Devil too much in the narrow christian context. He has once been Pan, yes, I remember. Well, I remember to have heard it- I'm too young to remember those times Life must have been less charged with sin then...

Crowley uses an ibex by the way. Or a goat- I've never been quite clear about that. Probably it stands for Capricorn, whatever it is zoologically.

Sticking to negative thought patterns is certainly a motive of the devil "self-hatred", too. You can literally see the young man's self-accusations. I've read once that you stick as hard to the negative aspects of your self-perception as to the positive ones. That's clearly part of the devil for me: addiction - doing something though it is not good for you- and not even enjoying it missed to assemble the hedonism-thing again...
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