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Hi Sulis and everyone!

Thanks a lot- I had not been aware there discussions of single cards in the section "Using Tarot Cards". - Still a lot to explore!!

Just in the first post something startled me and I had to post back before I read on:

Originally posted by Diana
[...]He brought to light (after all, Lucifer is the bringer of light) the duality of man and woman, the yin and the yang[...]
Wow! - That gives the Devil a new look in the gay context, doesn't it? What Diana mentions as positive, MUST lead to Self-Hatred now!? -Not necessarily. But the illusion is right at hand and overwhelms a lot of people. Do you have to feel guilty because you "reject" this wonderful duality of man and woman!?

Maybe this makes the Devil a challenge to gay guys to merge the "male" and "female" aspects of their own self? To come at ease with yourself and don't have to stand in front of a picture, despising yourself?

Just some thoughts. Please help me think!
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