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Today, dreaming of some kind of a large black cat and looking up the symbolism of panthers (there were no jaguarundis in the book about shamanisn- strange ) I came across another symbol that connects moon and sexuality. Drawing the Osho Zen Moon-card ("Prior Lifes !?) today for a daily draw kept me thinking...

In the "Gay Moon" I can see just the pleasant sides of sexuality, none of the lunacy (!) I usually connected to The Moon. That's interesting. The unconscious is very clearly there and the sea is in the back and you can see them literally drowning in their feelings. But going through the dark sides of your soul is clearly more in the Self-Hatred/Devil in this deck. With some aspects of the Emperor, too- living under the dictates of society or suffering from rejecting them. But I must say, the more I think about Moon and Devil in one line of thought, the less I can seperate them from each other. It's easier in the Gay Tarot- but I'll have to work on it with other decks.

@rosyelf: I got mine from ebay, but by now, amazon has it on stock, too. At least, I couldn't order from alidas not owning a credit card... But I even found it at a local bookstore. You might have this luck too!? Btw, pm is on it's way
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