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Hi rosyelf!

I'm looking forward to your "humble opinions"

To come back to something I mentioned earlier, cause I thought on:

Maybe this makes the Devil a challenge to gay guys to merge the "male" and "female" aspects of their own self? To come at ease with yourself and don't have to stand in front of a picture, despising yourself?
Do you think this is an aspect of The Lovers in this deck, too? Shade thought so (quoted from the "Gay Tarot" -thread at "Tarot Decks":

Originally posted by Shade
Though I love the racial polarity mentioned what I think makes this version of the Lovers stand out is the union of the sun and the moon. I've seen many cards where a sun and a moon are bith pictured in the image but this is the first time i can think of where the 2 are joined in one sphere. This simple image speaks volumes about the queer sensibility of gender... the kinsey scale and the fluidity of gender and sexuality... living in a world beyond either/or polarity. very nice.
Is there anyone here who already owns the deck, anyway!?
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