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Forced to change through a crisis

I pulled this card in a single card reading. Interestingly, I recently moved due to financial difficulties...this card could just may represent a reversal of one's fortune? This person appears to be alone at the moment without the support or reassurance from others. But there's no turning back to what was and emotionally, at times he must feel lost, kind of like a stranger in an unfamiliar land. This card is telling me there's no way to change back time we've got to keep moving even if we've strayed off the road.

This card seems to say this person is going through a sorting process and letting go of what was and with the little he has left he can build a new foundation. Acceptance of where he is right now is important but the new ingredient is to change his thoughts and feelings about it. To get positive about it. In my case, to feel gratitude that I have a home and roof over my head. To be grateful for what I have left and work on the 'feel good' premise of that. Feeling good about what we have helps to pull our energy inward and when we pull our energy in, we hear our inner guidance more clearly.

That's what I got from this card this morning.
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