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To some small degree

To some small degree I may have some fuzzyness on this issue as I also have and use my Robin Wood and Witches Tarot decks. Although Robin Wood notes a preference for Swords=Fire and Wands=Air, her book readings for each card are very much, IMO, alike the Waite-Smith deck readings. Now, in the Witches Tarot the switch of affinities is very definite. And, when I read with that deck I make the adjustments that the deck requires. I find that the Witches Tarot reads well for me and I don't have any problem switching.

I haven't started using the Tree of Life symbology in that deck yet. Anyways, we all have our own peculiar way of making and using associations. Does anyone else in the Study Group "switch hit" when using decks that reverse the Swords and Wands affinities? Dave
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