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21 steps step 14

21 steps step 14.1 and 14.2

I drew 2 new cards, Princess (page) of Cups and Six of Cups
Mt spread was like this: Princess of Cups * Hermit * Six of Cups

The cards described:
The Princess of Cups stands by a waters edge, feet firmly planted on the ground. A tree in autumn dress dominates the scene. The hold a single cup up to her chest. Her eyes are closed.

The Hermit Stands alone a wolf by his side, He stands on a cliff edge on a path. He is holding a lamp of light in his right arm and a stave in his left. The moon is 1/4. A river winds it way in a valley below.

The Six of cups sees a man standing buy a window with cup in right hand; he looks out, but not directly at children playing on the grass. The children, a boy and girl are playing with five cups filling them with sweets or jewels. The sky is cloudy but blue.

The similarities and differences. : The Princess and Six main characters are all looking introspectively. The hermit could be, but he is also looking a bit more outward. Each main character is holding an object in right hand, 2 are holding cups the hermit his lamp. The princess seems to steadying her cup with left hand. The landscapes are different in each. One card, the Six, has children in it. 2 cards have water, one does not. Itís the Six that doesnít have water. 2 cards have the glow of sunset/rise, the Six does not.

The elements were: Water* earth *water
Modes were: Who? Lesson/why? Action to be taken
Dignitaries: WEW= Strong Receptive.
Numbers 9 and 6, each divisible buy 3. The other card associated with number 6 is: The Lovers.

Symbols and similarities:
Iíve taken the similarities of the symbols on the cards

The symbol of the golden cups is present in all three cars: Gold: harvest, riches, glory wisdom radiance, truth, perfection incorruptibility, greed

The princess/page is usually seen as child, and the 6 has children: innocence and new beginnings, immaturity and irresponsibility-student or learner. NaÔve self or inner child

The brown color is present in all three cards: Earthy, groundedness, practability, serviceability, humility, rest, decay, depression.
Water is present in 2 cards: reflective qualities

The blue sky was present in two cards: Truth spirituality, calmness, peace serenity, fidelity, heavenly, cold, melancholy depression. The sunset is seen in two cards: Warm and the bringer of new things and the endings of things.

The clouds are choppy in two cards meaning unruly times, times are calming down, which is change.

It doesnít seem surprising that there are many similarities in the cards of cups. The Hermit had far more differences than the two others. The elements were strong and reflective. I did feel that this spread was strong as soon as I saw it and the cards were complimentary.

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