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14:1 I drew three new cards this morning, as I explained in my Step 13 post. So those are the cards I'll be using for this exercise. I'm using Tarot of Prague, and my chosen card is The World. The other two cards I drew this morning are Strength and Justice.


All three are Major Arcana.
Each card has one woman as the main human figure.
Each card also includes one or more animals.
In each card the woman is standing and actively involved in doing something.
The color red seems to be important in each of the cards.


One of the women (The World) is nearly nude.
Two of the women face forward and looking slightly to the left, one (The World is turned to the right and looks back at us over her left shoulder.
Two of the women hold an object in each hand, but one (Strength) is bent over and holds open the mouth of a lion.
One has her arms up in the air, one out at the sides, and one down.
One is up in the air, one indoors, and the third (Strength) may be either indoors or outside.
One stands with one foot on a laurel leaf, one stands with one foot on an elephant, the third has both feet on the ground.
The style of art in the three cards is very different. Strength is Art Nouveau, The World is from an eighteenth century fresco, and Justice is from a 17th century door.
Strength and Justice have black and white backgrounds, The World is in color.


The fact that these cards are all Major Arcana suggests that they all have to do with important lessons I need to learn or archetypal forces at work in my life at this time.

The fact that they are all women seems to suggest that there may be some major feminine energy at work.

The fact that they are all active, capable looking women tells me that they may be urging me to take a more active role in my life.

The color red suggests that there may be the potential to tap into some creative energy.

The presence of strong animals in all the cards -- lions, an elephant -- might indicate strength.



According to the Golden Dawn system, as listed in Appendix C, The World is associated with the element Earth. I can understand this as the card seems to be about integrating all aspects of yourself -- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual -- and then being able to move joyfully out into the world. Strength is associated with Fire, which makes sense to me, as to me the card seems to represent confidence and courage, among other things. Justice is associated with Air, of course. That seems to need no explanation. So the element I am missing in this reading is water -- the emotions.

The numbers of the cards, although these are not stated on the card, are 21, 8 and 11. I can't really take that information anywhere.

The lion -- courage? -- shows up in two cards.

Balancing on one foot shows up in The World and Justice -- maybe this signifies balance between various dualities -- spiritual vs. earthly, past vs. future or positive vs. negative (karma?) in Justice.

The two women looking to the left might emphasize the future.
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