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21 Ways...Step Fourteen RWS The Emperor

14-1 RWS

The Emperor, Death and 4of pentacles (Step 12)

1. Emperor and 4/P each figure has a crown, (royalty)
2. Emperor and Death both are wearing armor
3. Neither of the 3 cards emanate warmth or kindness
4. All 3 figures have red on their person; although Death only has a red plume it is prominent.
5. Each figure is seated upright
6. Death and Emperor have water
7. Emperor and Death are major Arcana
8. Emperor and 4/P have the number 4
9. 4/P and Emperor are interested in maintaining the status quo,
10. All three figures are powerful

1. 4/P is minor Arcana
2. Death has more than one person
3. Death is the only one seated on a horse
4. 4/p only figure not wearing armor
5. Death is about ending the status quo unlike 4/p and Emperor
6. 4/p does not have water in the environment
7. Death and horse facing and moving left
8. The other 2 are seated and facing front looking at the reader.
9. Death is not royalty
10. Only Death has the sun .

What do the differences and similarities suggest?

I find that Death is a game changer, heís moving forward taking action, while The Emperor and the 4/P are static in their emotions and their view on life. I admit I find all three to be a bit cold and non-expressive of their true feelings, which makes them appear unapproachable.

In these cards, I can see also very clearly now that the Emperor represents my mother and the 4/P represents me. I took on many of the characteristics of my mother. Death indicates that her influence has ended and now Iím going to have to take responsibility for who I am and leave the garbage behind..

Wow!! What a break through.

I can be that way sometimes. When Iím feeling self-conscious and a little inferior I find that people are not as responsive, probably because Iím exemplifying the energy of the 4/P and the Emperor. When Iím feeling confident I find that people I attract a lot more positive attention. I must work harder at exuding positive energy because I really like people and enjoy social situations where I interact with people from diverse backgrounds,
opinions, etc.

The Emperor and the 4/P definitely reinforce each other; they are both 4s, royalty staunch, unyielding, orderÖ I even get the same feeling when I look at them.

I see Death on the other hand as the game changer. Even though at first glance you donít get warm fuzzes from him either, but he warns you that something is going to end. That could be a good thing. Why hang on to something that is no longer worthy in itís current state. It could give you the opportunity to improve something, or a relationship.

These excercises are really bringing Tarot alive for me, Iím enjoying it to the fullest.
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