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Greer (2006) 21 Ways - Step 14

Step 14 – Dignity & Theme

7/The Chariot

• 14.1.1 – Similarities and Differences between 7/The Chariot, Knight of Cups, and Page of Swords:

o All three figures in the three different cards are looking in different directions: the charioteer looks straight forward, the Knight looks to the right, while the Page looks to the left.

o The figures in 7/The Chariot and the Knight of Cups are mounted while the Page of Swords is on foot. There’s a downward progression of beasts/animals used for riding: two for 7/The Chariot, one for the Knight of Cups, and none for the Page of Swords. It’s like the Page is lower on the totem pole/hierarchy be the virtue that the figure is unmounted.

o The two new cards are both Court Cards and have a number value of “0” (zero).

o 7/The Chariot and the Knight of Cups have water in their cards (both look like rivers) while it is uncertain (or at least not as significant) that the Page of Swords has any in the background.

o All three characters are holding something.

o The Page of Swords is the only card that has clouds in the sky as well as birds. Also it is the only card that depicts wind. The others seem still weather wise.

o All three have distant scenic venues.

o All three have something yellow on or are carrying something yellow.

o All three have light blue somewhere on them.

o The Knight and 7/The Chariot have wings featured on their items (a helmet and the chariot chassis respectively) and also have head gear; the Page doesn’t have either of these features.

o The Court Cards have red on them while the only red on 7/The Chariot appears on the coat-of-arms.

o Only 7/The Chariot has astrological symbols on it.

o The Knight is the only one that has fishes on his armor.

o The Page is the only figure that doesn’t have any armor.

• 14.2.1 – Repetition of Dignitaries between 7/The Chariot, Knight of Cups, and Page of Swords:

o As mentioned above, two are Court cards.

o There is a progression of Page and then Knight.

o Both 7/The Chariot and Knight of Cups are *water* signs.

o All three hold a symbol, though the wand suggests *fire,* the cup suggests *water,* and the sword suggests *air.*

o The two cards that share the *water* element are allied cards and are greatly strengthened by being next to each other while *air* and *water* are neutral.

Besides the Hazel (2004) book mentioned in Greer (2006) that is big on Astrological dignitaries, does anyone know of the others she was talking about?
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