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Six of Cups

The little clown boy is scary and spooky but he is probably very scared himself as well. He has been forced to wear those strange clothes and so he is wearing a strange "persona" (in the jungian sense). Children are supposed to be genuine and whole but this child has been forced to pretend something alien to himself. He is not being his authentic self.

His back is turned to the flowing water and he is trapped inside that circle of chalices. He canīt move forwards or backwards.

There is a feeling of the situation escalating into something more. The child may start to cry out loud, he may kick down the chalices and run away or step back and into the water.

Some of the questions this card makes me ask:
Am I being too childish and immature?
Am I letting someone influence and manipulate me?
Am I harboring anger that is eating me from within?
Should I try to become more childlike (more genuine) again?
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