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21 ways - step 14 - crow's magick

spread from step 12

question: how can i become more of a “force to be reckoned with”?

page of cups
this card centers around a reptile eagerly jumping out of a circle. it's almost like a puppy. its mouth is open, we can see its red tongue. it's camouflage-coloured. apart from the circle, six geometric, sigil-like elements can be seen on the card, all drawn in faint gold. from upper left to lower right they are three dots arranged in a triangle, an almost square rectangle, a zig-zag line, three rectangles connected by lines (a bit like a flowchart) and something that looks the head and shoulders of a one-eyed stick figure. the card's background is black (as all crow's magick cards). in the upper part, we can see flecks of green and red and gold that could be interpreted as cosmic dust. three astronomical symbols can be seen in the lower left corner (pisces, cancer and scorpio). in the lower middle, it says "page of cups" and underneath we find the words "unearthy, mystical."

the unexpected
3 of swords
the lower part of the card shows a metallic-looking heart of a grey maroon colour. it is cut in two by a red lightning bolt. icicles are hanging from the heart. on its surface are drops. three swords can be seen in the upper half of the card, pointing straight down to the heart. between them we can see two icicle like shapes. eight round shapes, five dark red, three maroon float through the card – they look a little like golf balls. the sign of libra is in the lower left hand corner. the words “pain, grief” are printed on the bottom of the card.

alternate possibility
ace of wand
a yellow, red and black feather hangs in the middle of the card. it seems to be suspended from a red wand that slashes the center third of the card from the lower right to the upper left. a black-and-yellow thunderbolt can be seen behind the wand in the upper third of the card; it looks like a strongly slanted N. seven rectangular, marbled shapes form the background to the feather, wand and thunderbolt. these shapes are layered; they are yellow, red and black, with the yellow predominant. the lower left corner shows the astrological signs of aries, sagittarius and leo. the words for the card are “success, rule”


the page of cups is the only card that
shows a being/creature
shows an abundance of geometrical symbols
shows thinly drawn geometrical symbols
has a background that suggest the universe/cosmos
clearly conveys a feeling of happiness, enthusiasm and liveliness
is a court card

the 3 of swords is the only card that
feels cold
clearly conveys an unhappy feeling
does not have the dynamic red-orange-yellow combination
has a movement from right to left
has a female feel

the ace of wands is the only card that
does not have round objects
has a lot of yellow in it
has an object (a wand) as a central figure
has a layered background
has its suit symbol all over the card (typical for ace)

they are all three from different suits and have different denominations


they show one central figure (not a pair or a group)
zigzag patterns
a crossing motion (the lizard crosses the ring, the thunderbolt crosses the heart, the wand and zigzag cross each other – this is more common than not in this deck)

additional similarities between page of cups and 3 of swords:
the suit symbols are above the main image (a 3.5% chance of co-occurring)
round objects (quite common in this deck; a 34% chance of co-occurring; also they are somewhat different types of round objects)

additional similarities between page of cups and ace of wands:
a dynamic, male feel
the combination of red and yellow
the cloud-like/marbled pattern
rectangular shapes
overall movement from left to right

additional similarities between 3 of swords and ace of wands:
the sharpness of the swords and wand
the sharpness of the secondary symbols (icicles, thunderbolts and zigzag)
the “middle” position of the thunderbolt and the feather

it’s interesting that they have so little in common. altogether, the zigzag pattern shows up in 18 cards; if my math is correct, there is a 1% chance that 3 out of those 18 cards would show up together. however, each zigzag pattern is different. the one in the page of cups feels geometrical and abstract, the thunderbolt that cuts through the heart in the 3 of swords is very real and destructive; and the one in the ace of wands feels more abstract again but much less so than in the page of cups – it seems to denote dynamism and power. interestingly enough, the zigzag pattern also shows up in the tower, death and devil – the three most “feared” major arcana. furthermore, it shows up in the 2-8 and page and king of wands. it is definitely a symbol of power just like electricity – electricity with the full continuum of the power to sustain and destroy. all of this suggests that there is definitely something intense going on here; this is not “business as usual.”

the fact that all three are minors may perhaps signify that this spread is not pointing to anything of major proportions although the presence of the zigzag lines make that a questionable assessment.

the 3 of swords looks like it doesn’t belong, like it is separating, almost inserting itself between, the page of cups and the ace of wands. there is a feeling of “aah, this is right” when i take out the 3 of swords, like the other two cards belong to each other, complement each other. the fact that this card was in the position of “the unexpected” makes sense, then, as does the fact that the page of cup stood for the issue and the ace of wands for “alternate possibility.” the unexpected (unseen/denied?) fear that “breaks my heart” with its coldness is definitely something that may be keeping me from the possibility of quiet authority that the ace of wands indicates.
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