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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step FOURTEEN - Steampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands

*Note - I approached this exercise based on meanings of the cards, more than other elements)

I used the 2 cards I drew for step 12, as that spread was very insightful and I wanted to work with them again.

5 of Wands and Tower:
Similarities - Change, adversity, growing through difficulty, new experiences or perspectives, danger
Differences - 5 of Wands (not Tower) can relate to cooperation, teamwork, competition, comparisons. Tower (not 5 of Wands) can relate to foundations.

5 of Wands and Knight of Swords:
Similarities - Action, something new
Differences - 5 of Wands (not Knight of Swords) can relate to passion, uncontrolled emotions, cooperation, conflict, adversity. Knight of Swords (not 5 of Wands) can relate to logic, analysis, controlled emotions and thoughts, independence, contemplation, precision.

Tower and Knight of Swords:
Similarities - Newness
Differences - Tower (not Knight of Swords) can relate to unexpected events, chaos, external forces. Knight of Swords (not Tower) can relate to planning, patterns, logic, internal forces, precision.

The idea of 'newness' is present in all 3 cards. These 3 showing up together definitely suggest some drastic changes!


A wand, sword, and major. Nothing in common there. Suggests a life event or lesson involving motivation or passion and thoughts or communication.

2 fire cards and 1 air (with a fire card in the centre). I don't know much about elemental dignities, but the appendix about this says the 5 of Wands would be strengthened by both (as it is flanked by a strong card and a friendly one)

A 5, a 7, and a court. Nothing I can see here.

Also not applicable to these 3.

The Knight of Swords was in the 'What to hold onto' position in my earlier spread.
'Hold onto' a sword gives me a very strong visual image! Plus, this knight is actually holding her sword with both hands. Both of these things seem to amplify the message for me.
The Tower was in the 'What to let go of' position.
'Let go of' the tower also gives a strong image - jump! Whatever change the tower refers to is increased by this I'd say!

One symbol in particular stands out to me here - the mountain.
The Tower and the Knight of Swords both have a mountain in the background. The Tower's mountain is in the distance while the Knight's mountain is much closer. Seems to say I need to get closer to the mountain (obstacle?) in order to move forward.
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