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Mary leo.

Querent = venus
Email = mercury

Mercury is debilitated in the 12th house, term by sign (-) is in the 7th part of the sign (mars) and in the chaldean influence of the moon. This looks like he's angry about something and is keeping himself away from you because of this.....this could be something in his own life it doesn't necessarily mean anything to do with you

Moon flows away from mercury (-)

Mercury is flowing away from you (-) and no aspects can be made between the msg and yourself.

Mercury is separating from a trine with Pluto, so somethings happened in his life, something changed things, some sort of an upheaval.

Using the "part of action" = 17 46" Scorpio - sig mars.

Mars is flowing away from an opposition with saturn (+) saturn's been holding things back.

Mercury's moving towards mars (+)

Venus is flowing towards uranus and mars is also aspecting to a trine with the the part of action. (+)

Moons flowing towards NN (+)

Jupiter (7th house) is retrograding back to conjunct the ASC (+)

So it looks like he has been going through something in his life, which has delayed him getting back to you, think he just needed to deal with things in his own time.

Going on the testimonies, it looks like he will be in contact soon.

So maybe the timing i gave was correct, just let me know when he contacts you now.
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