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Originally Posted by Vejl View Post
Hello, i have just join this forum and so grateful for this post
Thank you for doing this, Sharla. I did ask similar question to other astrologist, but they mentioned that we should NOT ask when, as horar cannot be precised about those things, they can just say yes or no. So my question is something that i deep down inside know it will happen (call it intuition), and surely don't know when, but there is a chance it doesn't happen of course. The question is: When will he contact me to talk about us?
If this is doesn't qualify as a question for this type of horar, I apologize and would love to know if answer is yes or no

Many thankssss in advance for your answer :0)

Edit: oh it is so obvious i am new i didn't even realize that this post is from 2012!!
Hi Vejl

This question won't be suited to doing a timing on, as in "something you know only intuitively on".

If you can give me the guys initial and tell me why he's not been in contact so far....then i can cast a chart to see whats going on that way, and will then be able to tell you if he will be in contact again.

I'll await your confirmation.

No! 2012 is my join date lol, thats when i joined AT. This thread is only a couple of days old.....ha ha so from that i can tell how new you are
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