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I printed up a bunch of my own a while back. I didn't want to have a box of several hundred, so bought a couple of packages of blank ones for my printer (inkjet). I had made up two designs, one with an original photo of mine (similar to my avatar, but without the mouse) and a scan of the RWS Hanged Man. Added an e-mail address and my cell phone number. I also printed on the back of them "good for one free 3-card reading". I got one reading out of them. Actually, I guess that's a pretty good return. I've only got a few left and need to make more.

I'd designed them using Microsoft Office Publisher. Alas, when my old computer hard drive died, those designs were some of the files I lost. (I was actually lucky though ... I managed to get almost all of my saved files back.)

I think my next strategy, when I'm ready to do it, will be to print up fliers and attach several business cards to each one. That way they can take the card and call if they want a reading. Post those in various places around town and see how that goes.
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