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oh wow, Dwaas...

This experience sounds identical to the one I had with the Gilded tarot.(for which I am now happy I didn't buy!)

M'Afraid I can't really help with the Faeries though....

I guess the whole Faerie thing, for me anyway, came from my childhood..."seeing" and talking with them for so long...that the deck was just another way to communicate with something I was already connected to.

Someday, you may feel a connection to this deck, and then it will likely find it's way back to you.

But I think just connecting with the idea of the faerie folk...without the book, and without the cards...but just in an everyday personal sort of way is what would have to happen first.

Of course...that's not an easy thing to do, neccessarily...

in fact, I wish I had some practical logical advice to see faeries...but that part of my brain is shut and locked at the moment....

Don't feel bad about it, though.

Accept it, and move on.

If you want this deck at any time again in the future...there are certainly enough copies of it around!
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