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Originally Posted by CHOSENPATH View Post
I think its a growing process, I think you have to look at reversals differently. instead of seeing them negatively, ive tryed to learn of them as teaching me areas in my life that need to be worked on! just because I pull a nine of swords on a monday morning just before I start my day might mean something in my life or thinking might need to be tweaked.I think we would always love to have great readings all the time but thats not the reality of tarot. instead of being upset when I pull cards that aren't that uplifting I try to figure out what am I being shown here. is there a lesson, a change in thinking, a problem i'm facing at work with a coworker, or a situation thats coming up. I guess I'm trying to say reversals require more thought and deciphering and if you look at them that way we might feel differently about them.
That's a very good way to look at them As you say, reversals can highlight something that needs your attention.
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