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Originally Posted by Goddessofthehunter View Post
I think it would be kind of creepy to bring back someone from the dead so I'll go with the TRON game.

Your gifts choices are....

A. 2 of Swords - The super power of being able to tune out negativity and subjectivity everywhere you turn.


B. King of Pentacles - Bill Gates picks your name out of an internet listing just for fun and sends you a check for $100,000. Because he can.
I can do a lot with that money but isn't there an adage money can't buy happiness? So I'll take A, unless you can buy A with B, I will take B.. oooh!

6 of pentacles - Warren Buffett funds a charity foundation in your name
7 of swords rx - You get to retrieve your car which you intially thought stolen at the local pound
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