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Wow! really, i'm surprised to see what others have posted about this card! These fae mean something TOTALLY different to me, but i can also understand the interpretations spoken of so far. Not sure if others will "see" the message that i get form them but here it goes.

At first, when i first got this deck, this was almost my least favorite card. The one thing that "saved" it from being so is due to the little tiny "baby", and i couldn't commit a baby to being a worst faery. In any case, with that said, this card used to represent children to me. However, this card scares me b/c they look like "aliens", and i'm PETRIFIED of Aliens. To me, this card (used to) means, children who are abused, neglected, or something "wrong" with them in any case. One reading i did on a friend, this card came up and I knew what had happend to his child by a sitter. I told him what i saw in the card, and he starred hard back at me and said "no (bleeping) way you could've known that! Only the doctor, me and the guy who did it knows". It was a horrible thing to see in the cards, but it was there.

More as of late, this card signifies "being in the dark", sort of like, misery loves company, and in order to "get out" you have to climb up the ladder, do what your told, "go with the flow" (yes) but, it has a darker edge to it. More like, a person who decides to recover from alcohol, Or a person who HATES their job, and is striving to find something better, being "forced" to go with the flow in order to get out of the gloomy darkness before Gloominous doom finds you alone.

What a wonderful posting! Thank you!
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