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Life itself is the journey - there is no destination. It is rather good to think that you do not have to get somewhere - you are always already there, exactly where you are supposed to be at that moment. The landscape is misty, mystical. We see a part of the path wending its way right on the top of the mountains, in the sunshine, but I suppose we just cannot see the dark bits, shaded and not sunny at all.
The book discusses that this card is about movement and change, either physical or inner, but it does not feel physical to me, but rather that this journey is everlasting, and that every moment of our lives we are on a different part of it. The fact that we cannot ever see the whole path, both in front and behind us, indicates that our journey is not cast in stone, unchangeable. There could be many twists, turns, and crossroads for us to negotiate as we choose. And we all have our own individual path to walk.
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