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Originally Posted by Paulb
The question I have is: what is the significane of the snake? If I remember correctly its Ouroboros, symbolising eternity...?

(Am new to Tarot so may well be waaay out here... feel like I'm sticking my neck out here!!)

This taken from Sandra A. Thomson's Pictures From The Heart:

An ancient symbol of a serpent or a lizard bent in a circle to bite its own tail (the "tail eater"), it is another image of the resolution of opposites."

I think this card is so beautiful, just lush.
It's always been such a challenge to maintain an inner balance, all my life. Most of the time, my subconscious crap gets in the way, so I wasn't always knowing at what was eating at me, or "haunting" me, as it were. When I get this card in daily draws for myself, I know I'm just getting closer to being in sync with all that is within me, and outside of me.
Also whenever I see this card, makes me think of interpersonal relationships, regardless of there length in duration. I've been blessed in that I have learned so much from all my relationship, at times, just as much about myself as the other. So I see this card as a mirror, that if things aren't just so within, chances are, someone outside of myself will indicate (directly or indirectly) what matters I need to attend to. Like, as a single person, I have understood myself as being anything but the "jealous" type. Yet, when I find myself involved in a relationship, guess what, I get soooo jealous when I even sense another female in the picture. Well, what the hell is that?
Not all of me was fully integrated, I had to address issues of insecurity, some real serious issues for me.
Never did I ever imagine that something such as jealousy was "dormant" as a single person, never did I think I had a problem with it. So now I try to fix those insecurity issues (quite an undertaking) so it will not ruin yet another future relationship.
In closing, card XIV means (to me) understanding self, so much so, that everything outside of myself will run soothly as well. When it does not, the answers are all within.
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