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oshozen 8 of fire: traveling

In contrast to the previous card, (Seven of Fire: Stress) the message is very clear to me, and a lot easier to understand. Rather than being stressed and needing change, and demanding an opportunity to grow or relax, this card is presenting just that - traveling - be it in your physical or mental state - it's liberating, and adventurous! Sure, traveling can be stressful too, but it's a good kind of stress, and one where you are making the decisions as necessary. I really like this card as a contrast to the previous one. The traveler is so minute because it's not about the traveler, it's about the trip, the journey, the path both physical and metaphysical. I have done a lot of traveling, and hope to do more. I have never been anywhere where there wasn't some sort of change in thought after the journey. From Colombia to Kuwiat, I have always "experienced" the journey - not unlike the feelings expressed in the 3 of Fire: Experiencing.
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