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This card speak to me about going on a journey either physical, piritual or in life direction. Travel for me is releated to movement and action, the journey of life. Once i did a reading asking for guidance on what to do about an stagnant situation that i was affraid to leave, this card was telling me to initiate movement, to take charge of the situation and face the challenge to move forward with my life, perhaps was time to experience new things so ican grow, learn and develop as a person, life needs to go on. Some journeys are difficult but necesary. It was up to me to take the long journey or to remain stuck. Somewhere i read the following wich gave me the courage to leave the stagnant situation i was in. "Refusal to take the journey indicates a loss of what could have been a great reward, while acceptance can mean great benefits will be received after a hard time of travel".
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