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I am going through these old threads in the order that the cards are in my deck, adding my impressions.

Traveling, uncertainty, balance.

I too have done quite a bit traveling & it is always precarious & uncertain, isn't it? The figure in the card slowly ascends the mountain road. Imagining myself in the card, I wouldn't be able to see anything for the mist (smoke?) except for what lay directly ahead & the sun shining through the clouds.

On the road to the unknown in life --and nothing is for certain, not for any of us-- we all are equal, just plodding along. Sometimes there are clearings in the trees so we can more clearly see our way, sometimes there is fog. But in the end, none of us really know where we are going.

Gone is the feeling of urgency, of 'swiftness,' when life is approached in this more balance way, with the understanding that one's indecision is a virtue.
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